My name is Kristin. Nice to meet you!

I’m a socially motivated brand storyteller and adaptive multidisciplinary design thinker who’s as comfortable strategizing as I am designing. I bring together West Coast sunshine and East Coast hustle with my easy going demeanor and diligent work ethic.


I just completed my MFA in Graphic and Interactive Design at Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. I used this time to strengthen niches in interactive and social impact design, as well as open the door to opportunities in design education. I have a strong desire to grow as a designer and content developer.

I have over 5 years of design experience in both collaborative and self-led environments. I aspire to eventually lead innovative, human-centered brands with potential to nurture social change. I value environments that nurture holistic thinking, and believe that content is equally if not more important than design. Culture is a very important consideration for me. I find myself thriving in open-minded environments of collaboration and mutual respect with ample opportunities for learning, creativity, and mentorship. More than anything else, I want to work with people with a vision who truly believe in the product or service they bring to the market.


My LA roots keep me curious and expressive, while being raised by a New Yorker reminds me that the best things come from hard work. I’m a passionate advocate of lifetime learning and self improvement. When I’m not designing, I can spend hours exploring the city, learning about people and places via a good book, getting lost in nature, cooking quirky ethnic dishes and surrendering the moment to yoga. I’m also a crazy catdog lady who will lose all concept of time and space when approached by an adorable furbaby (I can’t wait to adopt my own). I find inspiration through travel and often believe the best weekends are on a plane or train to somewhere new. I also used to live in a hippy canyon.

I was just named a “Student to Watch” in Graphic Design USA’s 2019 Designers to Watch issue. Read the interview here.