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Ze Frank is an online humorist famous for his mega-viral True Facts web series, and work with Buzzfeed. His primary form of branded presence is the vocal commentary in his videos.

He took a 4 year hiatus after producing 24 True Facts videos. He needs a way to celebrate his recent comeback. The National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD is simutaneously searching for a way to engage its 21+ audience.


Ze Frank is an online humorist famous for his mega-viral True Facts web series



In Too Deep Bioluminescent Libations is a pop-up bar inspired by tiki culture and 21+ educational “learn and drink” programs (i.e. the Franklin Institute’s “After Hours” series).

It serves as a quirky learning and social space sprinkled with “true facts,” about one of Ze Frank’s most tackled categories: “glowy, glowy,” deep sea creatures. The brand will incorporate some of his videos’ most memorable lines into a Quizzo Night. Aesthetics include a bioluminescent color palette, LED lights and illustrations loosely inspired by tiki culture and neon signage. The experience will be a traveling exhibition stopping at urban aquariums with its debut at Baltimore’s National Aquarium.

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I love meme culture and have always fallen back on Ze Frank’s True Facts videos when I needed an emotional pick-me-up. After witnessing other popular internet phenomenons become literal brands (i.e. Cyanide and Happiness, Grumpy Cat, Catana Comics,) I grew the desire to build one for one of my favorites. After missing two too many Science After Hours events at the Franklin Institute due to class, I decided to use that time to create my own comparable event brand.



Additional Credits:

Sean Brodbeck

Hybrid Design at Tyler School of Art


Create a hybrid design project including a book, website, and animation that celebrates nature

Content Inspired by:

Ze Frank’s True Facts Video Series

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