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With a culture filled with bizarre mysteries, controversial group-think, conspiracy theories and occult “magic,” it’s no wonder Tinseltown earned the nickname “Hollyweird.”

Pop musicians in particular are notorious for utilizing esoterica in their music videos, costumes, stage designs and album artwork. How can this imagery come together in a clear, contextual way to explain the meaning behind their use?

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.



The Seeing Stars tarot deck grants readers the ability to access inner wisdom with lessons presented through a star-studded lens.

Dualistic themes presented in the context of our biggest idols’ lives provides readers with crucial insight to help achieve their wildest dreams. In addition, readers will learn to decode the bizarrely fitting esoterica behind their favorite artists’ creative visions.

The 22 Major Arcana cards represented by Hollywood musicians reflect life’s karmic and spiritual lessons. The Tarot consists of ancient symbols that are still commonly utilized in today’s popular media. Tying them to something familiar helps readers learn faster and give more relatable insights.

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As a former Los Angeles resident, I’ve had my share of “Hollyweird” culture. I used to intern at an indie music label just off Sunset Boulevard where I got exposure to the area’s eccentric culture including occult shops and bookstores I would frequent on my lunch break. As a frequent concert go-er and observer of celebrity culture, it didn’t take me long to begin drawing connections between Hollywood and the occult on my own. My History of Design class opened up an opportunity to write a paper observing media trends in esoterica, and it expanded into this project which included one of my most fun research topics to date.



Additional Credits:

Dermot Mac Cormack

Graduate Seminar at Tyler School of Art

Content Inspired by:

Tarot Guidelines and Meanings via Biddy Tarot

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