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Topanga Canyon is more than an LA canyon town... it’s a mountainous gem situated between city and sea that has served decades of creative inspiration.

Artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, designers, chefs, and writers have all found an oasis within the canyon’s tranquil environment. How could these assets be elevated to help tourists maximize their time in the canyon while simutaneously showcasing the town’s quirky nature?


It’s a mountainous gem situated between city and sea.



Visit Topanga is a website created to provide viewers with the best tips to design the perfect weekend within yet removed from the city. It targets both weekend warriors from the neighboring LA and Ventura counties, as well as tourists visiting the City of Angels for a longer amount of time.

It does this by dividing the canyon’s assets into 4 digestible categories - Explore Nature, Healthy Dining, Unique Shopping and Original Events. Topanga’s unique character was captured through the usage of vintage photography from the town’s historic archives, in addition to my own personal photography from living there for 6 months prior to grad school.




Few people know that 6 months prior to attending graduate school in Philadelphia, I lived in this tiny Los Angeles hippy canyon. I worked a 20 minute drive to Santa Monica (without traffic,) and commuted via the magical Topanga Canyon Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highways. Life couldn’t be more different in Philadelphia, but I’ve found similar peace on Wissahickon’s Forbidden Drive and walking through my neighborhood of Spring Garden.



Additional Credits:

Keith Somers

Advanced Interactive Design at Tyler School of Art

Create a interactive design that celebrates nature

Brett Houston

Content Inspired by:

Topanga Historic Society